About Us

T’s Market is a die-cast cars and model cars online based company.
We have aimed to provide high quality products to customers.
Excellent customer service, timely shipping, and provides the highest quality of product.

We sell as TRS in eBay.

We sell as TRS in Bonanza.

Stores Officer : Takashi Ogihara

Privacy Statement

T’s Market values and respects the privacy of its customers.
Information collected from customers will only be used for order processing purposes.
We do not sell or rent the information to third parties.
All credit card information provided to T’s Market is processed using secure servers via PayPal.

Privacy Policy

Our company, T’s Market, in the process of proceeding with our normal business operations, collects personal data from customers and other business associates as is deemed necessary for completing and proceeding with sales and service.
To protect this data we have set forth the following rules, in consideration with current international standards for data protection, and declare that we will apply and enforce the following points with regards to any data collected on our site:

We will only collect information in fair and legal ways and will either request permission from customers to collect said data for use in certain, stated purposes or will post the necessary information regarding data collection on our internet homepage.

In cases where personal information may be indirectly collected we will inform customers of the methods and purposes of such collections via our internet home page and confirm that such information is accurate and used only within contractual limits.

In the event that the owner of any personal information requests that we update, change, delete or provide information regarding that data we will carry out such services as quickly and smoothly as reasonably possible.

In the event that any personal data need be forwarded to a third party for business reasons we will ensure that this company is thoroughly investigated and will enter into a binding contract with them to ensure proper management and treatment of any personal data.

We will do our utmost to ensure that all rules and regulations set forth here are monitored under our company’s compliance program and are continuously reviewed with regards to possible improvements.